Are You Move-In Day Ready?

Moving to a new location can be a stressful time filled with a million questions and seemingly no one has any answers. Because of this, we at Movers Springfield have created a move-in checklist to help you stay relaxed and on top of your transition to your new home. We will try our best to answer any questions you may have with our detailed step by step guide.

Move-In Day

Be Fully Prepared with All the Right Items

  • If you booked a container it should be fully filled before your move-in day especially if you have a morning pickup for your it.
  • Have a talk with your moving team at the beginning of the day to go over the important information so everyone is on the same page.
  • If you rented a truck be sure to get to the rental location early to avoid any long lines that may put your move behind schedule. If you hired any helpers, be sure to allow yourself an hour to pick up the truck so you can get back in time.

What to do if You Hired Movers

If you hired help you can sit back, manage the progress, and let them do all the heavy lifting. It may feel a bit awkward, but that’s exactly what they were hired to do: move your items. If you want something done differently, don’t be afraid to speak up. It’s your items they’re moving and no one wants to be the cause of any accidental mishaps. If you’re moving into the Springfield, Illinois area then you may want to consider hiring us at Movers Springfield. We are a dedicated local moving company stationed in Springfield IL and that we offer competitive prices, perform respected work, and we do so by hiring honest, trustworthy employees. Our staff is well trained and we come ready & equipped with moving and packing jobs of all sizes.

What to do if You Didn’t Hire Movers

Get ready to hope your friends arrive. You may want to stretch and mentally prepare yourself for the difficulties you might face like being at the downside of a couch in a stairwell hoping your friend doesn’t let go. It’s going to be a long day, so be sure to stay hydrated and nimble.

Unload and Label your stuff Efficiently

If you made a game plan during the packing phase back in Week Three on which rooms boxes go in, then you may want to label the doors in the new place based on your plan to make it even easier. This will keep you organized and ensure your movers get the right boxes into the right rooms of your new home.

To Tip or Not to Tip the Hired Help

Movers do not usually expect a tip for their work because, unlike other gratuity based jobs, professional movers usually get paid a baseline wage by their bosses. Tipping can still be an important consideration for a few reasons. It can be used to show above average satisfaction with their work. Buying a pizza for the move-in crew would be a great way to show appreciation and it may be a bit cheaper than tipping them. Hardly anyone will turn down free food especially if they’ve just been doing a lot of heavy lifting.

We at Movers Springfield know how stressful moving can be so let us help you move smoothly into our Springfield, Illinois area so you can relax. We hope our checklist helps and that you’ll continue to our “Post Move-In Follow Up” article.

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