Post Move-In Follow Up

Moving to a new location can be a stressful time filled with a million questions and seemingly no one has any answers. Because of this, we at Movers Springfield have created a post move-in checklist to help you stay relaxed and on top of your transition to your new home. We will try our best to answer any questions you may have with our detailed step by step guide.

Post Move-In Follow Up

Get Rid of or Use All Those Leftover Boxes

Boxes are great for kids’ Halloween costumes or can be repurposed for bringing in groceries, but if you don’t want to reuse them or don’t have room to keep them for your next move, then recycle them. There are a few databases you can use to find local places that will recycle anything of yours that can be reused including those pesky boxes. If you’re moving into the Springfield, Illinois area, here are a few recycling companies you might want to check out: Lake Area Recycling Services, Evans Recycling Inc, Advantage Recycling.

Meet the Neighbors

There’s nothing like starting off on the right foot with the new people you will be living around. Muster up the courage and head to their door to say hello. Who knows, you might make some fantastic new friends.

Efficiently Unpack

If you listened to our tips in our “Move-In T Minus One Week” article and cleaned your new home before you moved in, then this part will be a bit easier. If not, then you may want to clean kitchen countertops, cabinets, and various room floors before you unpack your boxes. This will ensure that your items don’t get dirty as quickly and this will help ensure that your house does not have any unwanted mold and mildew. Put boxes on countertops to make the unpacking easier. Trust us, your lower back will thank you later.

It’s a good idea to unpack to shower and sleep first as people rarely finish unpacking in a single day. Unpacking these essentials first will ensure that you don’t forget to unpack them and that you’ll have the energy to unpack them. No one wants to unpack necessities after they’ve spent an entire day unpacking.

Unpack the easy boxes first to make room. These easy boxes may be of books that are easy to stack onto bookshelves or it may be clothes to quickly put into dressers. It has been suggested to unpack about half your pictures and get them onto walls to begin creating that homely feel in your new abode. Making a daily quota to unpack is a great way to accomplish your unpacking without getting too disheartened or distracted.


It’s finally time to celebrate your successful move-in. Celebrating what you’ve accomplished is important for morale and to unwind from the stressful six weeks of planning for this very day.

We at Movers Springfield know how stressful moving can and we hope that this article and the previous five were helpful in your move to a new location. If you have any questions or need someone to help you move into the Springfield, Illinois area feel free to give us a call.

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